A blend of design, lightness and quality for an exclusive concept encapsulated in a pair of glasses meant to be worn without even noticing them. upsunglasses are designed to be comfortable, allowing for prolonged use without any fatigue

Nature gives us a material to be proud of and we can use it with skillful craftsmanship. Following this premise, upsunglasses presents itself as an extremely minimalist wooden eyewear with premium finishes. all in just 20 grams

From the integrated hidden hinges to the precision laser-cut logo, every detail contributes to making upsunglasses sophisticated and functional. An object that conceals an ambitious goal: to fit on every face with elegance and without excess

With our packaging we followed the same direction. The upsunglasses case is crafted from a block of ayous, a particularly lightweight wood providing protection from any occasional impact. A standalone design object beyond its functionality

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